I have an established Art Therapy Private Practice in Stretford, Manchester M32.

I currently offer one to one art therapy sessions to individuals experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. Also those who are interested in personal growth and maintaining mental wellbeing.

Sessions are weekly and are held at the same time.

Each session lasts 1 hour.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to give you an opportunity to see if you feel art therapy is right for you.

 As a rule, more entrenched issues are likely to require long term work. Other issues may be addressed in more short/medium term work. 

I  offer personal therapy for art therapy trainees, please follow the link below for further information.


Art Therapy can be useful for personal growth or exploring personal difficulties...

Sometimes people can be emotionally distressed about their previous or present circumstances. Art therapy is a recognised treatment for many kinds of mental health issues, psychological and emotional distress. Through making visual images, or simply using the art materials, in the presence of an Art Therapist it is often possible to express feelings which are difficult to put into words.

The process of making art itself can be therapeutic itself, aid self expression, or relieve difficult or painful feelings, that have no other means of expression. Often presenting problems are simply a means of coping with the underlying issues that have led to the current situation. Working in this manner may allow individuals to move away from repetitive patterns of behaviour or thought patterns and see themselves differently.

Art therapy can be particularly useful when addressing isues that are brought about by past trauma. Working with art allows the right hand side of the brain to process locked in memories, feelings and sensations. Talking uses the left hand side of the brain and as such is not always useful when issues are deep rooted trauma memories. 

The art therapist will not analyse your image, their training allows them to observe and talk about how you use the materials, what you make and what you say. Through this process they encourage you to make connections between your art work, your actions throughout life and your current situation. You may find this difficult or challenging at first. Like any other form of therapy results will only be achieved if you are ready to make changes and accept a different way of seeing your life situation. 

Art therapy may not be useful if you are currently in a crisis situation, or need practical assistance with personal circumstances that require immediate attention. 

What about confidentiality?

The content of the session is confidential. However, if there is a significant risk of harm to self or others. Or a disclosure relating to a significant historical offence the Art Therapist has a duty of care to share that information with relevant people. Where possible I will tell you before I do this.


BAAT Members Directory List - Private Practice Art Therapists

Upon completing an approved course, all qualified Art Therapists have the opportunity to join BAAT. This is not an obligation, however, it means that an Art Therapist has access to CPD, involvement in regional groups and can keep up to date with changes relating to the profession.

Not every full member is BAAT Member Directory listed. It is is not a mandatory requirement to set up as an independent Art Therapist.

The listing means that the Art Therapist has fulfilled a criteria in addition to that of their statutory regulation with HCPC.

This involves an application process outlining style of practice, providing details of supervision, having insurance and a living will in place, as well as supplying references. Another condition of this application is that the Art Therapist has practised in a clinical setting and been clinically supervised for a number of years.   

Thus, providing additional assurance to individuals seeking art therapy.

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BAAT Fees £55 per hour/ £45 trainee

Initial free 30 minute consultation, with no obligation to commence art therapy

Sessions last one hour.

I operate a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Full fees will be payable, unless a session can be rescheduled.