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Baat Requirement for Trainees

The British Association of Art Therapists require that students in training are in personal therapy with an art therapist or a therapist of a psychodynamic orientation throughout the duration of their training. 

Recent research on my part suggests that the individual training institutions set their own 'minimum recommendations'. This can be 55-60 sessions, to be carried out through the duration of placement. Or upon commencement of training, for at least 35 sessions a year. This creates an anomaly between full and part time students, however that's simply how it is! Other universities prefer students to start personal therapy prior to the beginning of their studies.

 It is a requirement that therapists fill out a form to state that a trainee has commenced therapy and this is returned when the required amount of hours have been completed. Some institutions take a harder line and check in with therapists to see if students are attending regularly.  Again, the reasons that may stop students from attending may not be as conscious initially thought.

Personal therapy is an additional expense and its value is sometimes underestimated, however, in my personal experience, this is a more than essential aspect of training.  I believe it is imperative that as a therapist you learn to hold boundaries and deal with your own uncomfortable feelings before attending to anyone else’s. Commencing personal therapy at the onset of training allows a chance to process what you will learn and how this relates to you, before being met with the difficulties and experiences of clients on placement.